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Editing Wiki Page Order

Wikis provide a space to write narrative content to describe a project or content within the project. They are available in Synapse on Projects, Folders, and Files. Sometimes, as wikis evolve, the page order needs to be modified to better suit the overall project strucutre. This article details how to do this.

Modify Page Order for Existing Pages

Wiki pages are created at a single level (hierarchy) by default. It is possible to nest sub-pages underneath other wiki pages at the project level to create an organizational structure. To do this, click on “Edit Order” at the bottom of the wiki page list. Note that only users with the ability to edit the wiki content have the ability to edit the wiki order.

After clicking the “Edit Order” button, choose the page you would like to move by clicking on the page title. Then, using the clickable arrows, choose where you would like to move the page. Up and down arrows will reorder the page within the same hierarchy. Left and right arrows will change the hierarchy “level” for the page; clicking left moves the page “up” in the hierarchy while clicking right nests the page deeper.

Changing the wiki order does not change the ID of the wiki page.

Creating New Pages Within a Hierarchy

If you want to create new pages within an existing hierarchy rather than moving them each time, you can navigate to the parent wiki page and click on “Add Wiki Subpage”. This will automatically add a wiki page nested underneath the page you previously selected, at the bottom of any other existing subpages. From there, you can create and manage your content. To reorganize this page within the hierarchy, see the instructions above.

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