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Client Configuration

For Users

Store login credentials from the current login() using the rememberMe = TRUE parameter. You should use the rememberMe feature on a personal computer of which you are the only Synapse user. Visit the Python synapseclient docs and R synapser docs for examples.

For Developers

Customize the Synapse Configuration File

Synapse configuration parameters for frequently used client-interactions can be set in a specific file. By default, the file is in the user’s home directory and is called .synapseConfig. For example, you can set:

  • a new cache location
  • credentials to access files stored outside of Synapse (e.g. AWS-S3, etc.)
  • an API key to authenticate login

Please note the period at the beginning of the file which makes this a hidden, system file on Linux-like OS’s since it will contain sensitive information.

When you install the Synapse Python client, a .synapseConfig file filled with examples should appear in your home directory if a configuration file is not already present. You can uncomment and fill out the parameters of interest.

You may also customize a .synapseConfig file when you install the Synapse R client.

Where to find your API Key

From your Synapse homepage, navigate to your user menu and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Your Synapse API key is made visible by selecting Show API Key. In the case the confidentiality of the API key is compromised, or you would like to invalidate your API key, select Change API Key.

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